Testimonials: teaching

Ben makes art come alive and makes all types of art accessible to everyone. He is truly a master teacher. I learned so much.

It is difficult to do justice to what Ben offers in a matter of a few sentences but to summarise; he has a complete mastery of the artists, the time they were living in, the culture, tradition, language which influenced the painting of a particular work of art. He draws on his vast knowledge across a very broad spectrum of art history and delivers his talks with ease,  moving seamlessly between artists and periods of history covering swathes of historic events. He caters for the connoisseur as well as the novice.  His delivery is superbly crafted; peppered with teasers leaving the art lover wanting more! Gifted, passionate, knowledgeable, humorous with a reservoir of intimate details about the artists’ lives-something that one simply will not find in any book!
Mohammed Khamisa QC

Excellent – knowledgeable, fluent and enthusiastic…spellbinding.

Ben has such an unpretentious, engaging manner and his enthusiasm and expertise are a joy to watch and be part of.

Ben’s enthusiasm is infectious and his relaxed approach belies an impressive knowledge and understanding of artists’ work past and present.

Ben is such an engaging speaker – he obviously has an enormous depth of knowledge for his subject, delivered with such passion that one can only be enthralled! 

Everyone should have the benefit of his insightful and illuminating style of teaching. 

Ben is extremely knowledgeable with an amazing range, all delivered in a very accessible form with humour, yet considerable intellectual rigour.

Ben has a depth of knowledge, lucidity of expression and passion which is contagious and enlightening.