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Art History drops off the school curriculum in England. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

On the (Almost) Scrapping of Art History A-Level

What hurts about this decision is the timing. The Association of Art Historians has been making a point of opening the subject up to state schools.
A still from Frederick Wiseman’s film National Gallery (2014). Image: © Frederick Wiseman Courtesy Zipporah Films/Soda Pictures/Doc & Film

The Radical Purpose of Museum Education Programmes

Are museum public programmes an extension of the discipline of art history, or can they have a more radical purpose?
The Sense of Sight (1744–7), Philip Mercier, Yale Center for British Art (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

What Art Historians Can Learn from Museum Education

Should we worry that art history as taught in secondary and higher education is weighted towards interpretation and contextualisation?

On Art and Tuition Fees

The dramatic escalation of tuition fees in the UK – which represents a sudden spike, rather than the gradual increases in fees that have taken place in US universities – will hit arts courses particularly hard.