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Robert Rauschenberg at Tate Modern (Art Review, 2017)

Robert Rauschenberg at Tate Modern (Art Review, 2017)

Elizabeth Prettejohn, ‘Modern Painters, Old Masters’ (Art Quarterly, 2017)

Review of Elizabeth Prettejohn, 'Modern Painters, Old Masters' (Art Quarterly, 2017)
A 3D-printed version of ‘Vulcan’s Forge’ (c. 1630) by Velazquez, designed for blind and partially sighted visitors. Photo: Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid

‘Audio Guide’: a talk for the temporarily blind (Freelands Foundation, 2017)

A performance / talk for Freelands Foundation, London

Expensive Paintings as Metaphors of Themselves (Art:21, 2011)

It’s remarkable how often these performances of revealed beauty take center stage in major museum acquisitions of works of art.

Avatar and Art (Art:21, 2010)

The arrival of cinema dovetailed with painting dismantling its own illusory apparatus: the shutting down of the circus. Avatar does what painting used to do before modernism popped all the balloons.
Leo Tolstoy in his study, 1891

Art and Memory (Art:21, 2009)

What’s the quality of our experiences with art, and how can these be improved, given so many of them slip out of mind?