Contemporary Artists


Christian Marclay’s ‘The Clock’ (Art:21, 2010)

The Clock is a twenty-four hour long film which, unlike other very long art films, you might actually want to watch for more than ten minutes.
Work by René Daniëls

René Daniëls (Art:21, 2010)

René Daniëls is a really, really good painter, maybe even a great painter, who stopped painting twenty-three years ago and has only resumed in the last two years.

Rodney Graham and Mark Wallinger (Art:21, 2010)

The conceptual and aesthetic similarities of these two artists create for me a kind of ideal model of curatorial strategy.
Work by John Gerrard

John Gerrard (Art:21, 2010)

A new installation by John Gerrard, an Irish artist whose work is most often described as “time-based”, opened in Canary Wharf underground station.

Beth Herzhaft (Saatchi Online, 2010)

In Beth Herzhaft's series that she calls "area photographs", each image offers a cropped sliver of information: life through a letterbox.

Emily Prince (Art:21, 2010)

Emily Prince’s new installation at the Saatchi Gallery co-opts hoary old modernist plots to create a new kind of anti-memorial.

Jeff Koons (Art:21, 2009)

Separating Koons’s work from its atmospheric environment leaves the viewer with a body of work in which pleasure is the oxygen of art.
Gustave Courbet - Still Life with Apples and a Pomegranate

Francis Alÿs (Art:21, 2009)

Francis Alÿs’s installation Fabiola, at the National Portrait Gallery.

Rodney Graham (Art:21, 2009)

It’s a heartening sight to see Graham’s copper Erasmus Weathervane atop the roof of the newly reopened Whitechapel Art Gallery.

Goshka Macuga (Art:21, 2009)

As part of the redesign and expansion of the Whitechapel Gallery, Goshka Macuga has brought Guernica back ... sort of.

Rebecca Nassauer (2009)

In Rebecca Nassauer’s new show, ‘Safekeepers’, at Josh Lilley Gallery, smallness is bigness, the insignificant significant.

Martin Puryear (Art:21, 2009)

Puryear is a good example of an artist for whom the standard contemporary art vocabulary isn’t nearly elastic enough.