Contemporary Artists

Hugh Mendes 'Obituary: Tom Lubbock'; oil on linen, 30.5x20cm, 2011

Hugh Mendes (Art:21, 2012)

Hugh Mendes’ paintings are images not of people, but of people in the act of being remembered.
Work by Rachel Kneebone

Rachel Kneebone (Ars Magazine, 2011)

The apparent serenity of Rachel Kneebone’s white porcelain sculptures is belied by the physicality of their making. “It’s war”, said the artist, when asked to describe her process.
Aliki Braine, Circle/Square

Aliki Braine (Galerie Raum mit Licht, Vienna, 2011)

Aliki Braine’s images look like landscapes. Their two-thirds sky, one-third land proportions nod to this.

Fred Sandback (Art:21, 2011)

The small installation of Sandback’s work currently on view at the Whitechapel Gallery is the best example of the late artist’s spatial alchemy you’re likely to see in the UK.
Robert Rauschenberg, 'Cy (Twombly) + Relics – Rome #5,' 1952

Twombly and Poussin (Art:21, 2011)

The pairing of Cy Twombly and Nicolas Poussin reveals an embarrassment of shared interests. It's surprising they haven’t been paired before.

Tony Tasset’s ‘Judy’ (Art:21, 2011)

Tony Tasset’s 'Judy', currently on show at the Leo Koenig Projekte Space in Chelsea, New York, is a six-second 35mm film of the artist’s artist wife, Judy Ledgerwood.
Photograph by Vera Lutter

Vera Lutter (Art:21, 2011)

Vera Lutter made a camera obscura out of an old leather suitcase and took it with her to Egypt, surreptitiously making images of ancient monuments.
Work by Tom Burr

Tom Burr (Art Review, 2011)

Tom Burr is a sensual thinker. In his latest show at Modern Art, intellectual seduction comes in the form of draped and dangling textiles.
Work by Marcus Coates

Marcus Coates (Art:21, 2011)

'The Trip' is a 35-minute film by the artist Marcus Coates that consists of two long, still shots of the same thing: the interior of a room in a hospice in north west London.

Peter Hildebrand (Saatchi Online, 2011)

Hildebrand creates imaginary architectural structures, whose forms’ intricacies and details suggest vast, human-dwarfing scale.
Cory Arcangel's Beat the Champ at the Curve gallery, The Barbican

Cory Arcangel (Art:21, 2011)

Arcangel’s outstanding installation at the Curve gallery in the Barbican Centre, called Beat the Champ.
Work by William Kentridge

‘Breaking Character’: an Essay on William Kentridge (Art:21, 2010)

Watching a William Kentridge animated film is like being read a meandering story that the teller only half-remembers.