Contemporary Artists

Richard Serra
Band. 2006
Weatherproof steel
Overall: 12' 9" x 36' 5" x 71' 9 1/2" (3.9 x 11.1 x 21.9 m), plate: 2" (5.1 cm) thick
Collection of the artist 
© 2007 Richard Serra  
Photo: Lorenz Kienzle

Richard Serra (Art Review, 2015)

Review of Richard Serra exhibition at Gagosian, London, 2015

‘Enantiodromia’ at Fold Gallery, London (Art Review, 2014)

'Enantiodromia' at Fold Gallery, London (Art Review, 2014)

Stuart Whipps (Art Review, 2013)

Review of Stuart Whipps at Flat Time House for Art Review
Kiera Bennett, The Painter', 2013 oil on canvas 90x75cm

Box of Tricks: Kiera Bennett (Charlie Smith Gallery, 2013)

Instantly recognisable in Kiera Bennett’s paintings are the trappings and tropes of early modernism: the feathered lines of early cubism/late Cézanne, the vibrating geometry of Boccioni or Carrá, the pulsing colours and tabletop domesticity of early Matisse.
Work by Andrew Sendor

Vanishing Point: Andrew Sendor (2013)

Andrew Sendor’s recent paintings describe the future in terms of the past.
Alexis Harding, Crack Tip (cut out) [2011]. Image courtesy Mummery + Schnelle

Alexis Harding (Art Review, 2012)

Alexis Harding’s works – which ooze and drip paint off their bottom edges – form a collective proposal: that painting’s grappling with unruly matter is, at heart, an act of almost comedic abandon.
Image courtesy Marco Chiandetti/Ancient and Modern

Chiandetti/Polanszky (Art Review, 2012)

Ancient & Modern’s series of dialogues between artists of divergent generations continues in their show of Marco Chiandetti and Rudolf Polanszky, both of whom address Bruce Nauman’s legacy of the body caught in traces and objects.
Courtesy of Greene Naftali, New York © 2007 Paul Chan; Photograph © Sylvain Deleu

Paul Chan (Artnet, 2012)

In 'The 7 Lights,' Chan has made a comprehensive imaginative world with a specific iconography of suburban ephemera, entropic nature and fallen humans.
Photo: Giulio Buono. Sean Kelly Gallery, New York; Galerie Thomas Zander, Cologne; Martine Aboucaya, Paris.

Anthony McCall (Artnet, 2012)

The current show is McCall’s first major London exhibition, and a rediscovery of a body of film-based Post-Minimalist art of considerable note.

Hans Schabus (Artnet, 2012)

For his installation in the Barbican’s Curve gallery, Schabus has attached 461 chairs to the wall of the crescent-shaped space.

Catherine Story (Art Review, 2012)

Catherine Story’s show Angeles retells the synchronicities of early Modernism in works that evoke the recent aftermath of an archaeological dig.
ST Roch by Marcin Cienski

Marcin Cienski (Geukens and DeVil, Antwerp, 2012)

In Cienski’s paintings, the traumatic subject is always deferred. The viewer, like the TV detective, is always a couple of steps behind; looking is a hapless scramble for sense.